What we do

Market Assessment and Planning - BlueBird provides a full 360 degree assessment of your products or services in your target markets. This includes an assessment of each target segment to see where your proposition is most likely to succeed. This service provides competitive analysis, considers both direct and in-direct sales channels for your proposition in the market.
BlueBird considers the go to market models for each proposition, direct, channel, agent or OEM as alternative options as well as potential partners within the market. BlueBird recommends short, medium or long term strategies as well as practical solutions to implement them. This service is built into BlueBird’s “Red Pill” Report.

Prospecting & Market Management - BlueBird offers access to our in-house sales experts who can assess your target market for research or opportunity assessment to judge the potential for your offering. Target companies can be profiled to help you navigate your way to closing business and a database of C level contacts can be created for your staff to exploit. BlueBird is able to take the qualification beyond initial sales contact, and well beyond the "usual" appointment setting services offered by most telemarking organisations. Generally the time telemarketing "uncover" an opportunity its too late. Complex sales propositions require experience, not enthisiasm to gain trust within organisations and this stems from a good knoweldge of the industry and market, something BlueBird has.

At the heart of the offering is high level lead generation by experienced sales staff who can set-up appointments with the decision makers, after there has been a proper assessment of the opportunity. Other services include database cleaning and an independent analysis of losses or wins.

Sales Model Alignment - BlueBird is able to development of a pricing model for your products, ensuring an optimum balance between direct and in-direct sales. We can assist in setting quota and commission models and account planning for sales staff or whole territories.

Direct Sales - If your business model requires a local presence in Europe, but you are too early in your business cycle to risk taking on permanent staff, BlueBird offers access to its highly experienced staff to build your sales pipeline. This encompasses the development of a Sales and Marketing plan for the region, qualification of leads, in-depth qualification of opportunities, closing of opportunities and on-going account development.

Channel Sales - Many sales operations benefit from a partner or channel strategy. BlueBird’s channel sales team in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions can quickly implement a strategy on your behalf via our extensive contacts. This will ensure that your proposition is supported and sold through a set of qualified partners within the region.

Marketing Support and Management - BlueBird has extensive industry wide experience of setting-up and managing Events, Public Relations for customers across the EMEA region.