Work with BlueBird

Being focused we are able to work flexibly with your requirements offering services to meet your needs. Our aim is to not only provide creative solutions to your issues, but to provide training and skills transfer to build up in-house capability.

Often the engagement starts with a "Red Pill Report", where BlueBird provides a highly detailed take on the company’s market position that includes, market drivers, competitive solutions, methods to market and market awareness. It however does not leave the candid observations there, but also offers potential solutions to any issue identified. This report takes time to produce and will require in-depth interaction with key functions within the clients management team.

BlueBird works best when viewed as part of the management team, providing critical input on marketing decisions and with the ability to swiftly implement decisions high within the organisation.

One of the trademarks of BlueBird is our ability to apply years of experience to company issues in new ways. Through this experience, we can indentify relationships and opportunites that may not always be obvious to others that take a more conventional approach.

With skills built-up working with companies such as:

Micromuse Telecordia Granite Systems
Micromuse Telcordia Granite Systems
Pystechnics Transversal Napkina Systems
Pystechnics Transversal Nakina Systems
TM Forum


TM Forum Progress Software ReliaTel
Vallent IBM Intergraph
Vallent IBM Intergraph